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You are cordially invited to tea. Dress code: Purple


Spring is here, which means that it’s time for a tea party. Caffeine-free butterfly pea flower tea (technically tisane!) is on the menu, and here’s how to make it.


Brewing Flowers

You can purchase dried butterfly pea flowers at a grocery store or even better, a package-free store like Unpackt. If you want to be extra, you can grow or forage for some. To make the tea, rinse the flowers and add a generous tablespoon of them to a glass pot/mug. Add hot water to steep and immediately you’ll see the water turn blue. The more flowers you use, the deeper the blue hue (thank you anthocyanin).


Now for a little magic, which happens immediately, so have your phone ready for Instagram stories. Just add an acid to the tea and watch your tea change from blue to purple. If you want to learn more about the scientific changes that happen, you can read about that here.


Fairy Bread

To accompany our tea, we also had fresh bread baked with lavender (bought bulk from Unpackt!) and citrus peel. We also added some of the butterfly fly pea flowers to the bread, but after baking the faint lavender colour faded.

Butterfly pea flower tea tastes pretty mild but is absolutely lovely to behold. Try it out, host a tea party, and don’t forget the pastries.